At Beldick we are proud to contribute to the safe, efficient and effective operation of key plants in chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and power generation industries. We provide Process Control and Safeguarding solutions for units or entire plants. We provide ESD/EDP systems for process plants and HIPPS for plants in upstream oil & gas industries. Of course, we have built the brand around the engineering of Burner Management Systems for oil and gas burners in industrial power generation service and for local power generation.

We apply Project Management tools to ensure that every system gets the focus and attention it deserves. We follow stringent Functional Safety Management procedures to ensure your system lives up the expectations. We give you a Choice of Hardware to realise the system. We build our Panels with eye for detail and a strong focus on quality. We test our systems rigorously before the Factory Acceptance Test. After delivery, we offer responsive and flexible support.