About us


“Technisch Bureau Beldick” was founded in 1979 bij Dick van Grootheest. The company focussed on electrical installations for customers in the agricultural sector around Ede which now started to mechanise on a grand scale. Within ten years, the company was building panels for control systems and low-voltage distribution.

In 1985, the company moved to the current premisses at the Ohmstraat. It started a period of considerable growth and by 1995 there were three “Beldicks”, active in wholesale of electrical components, electrical installation and in automation. Cor Prins acquired “Beldick Automation” and focussed the company on the design and construction of Burner Management Systems. The other two “Beldicks” were divested and have since merged with other companies.

Beldick Automation quickly established a strong brand in the relatively small world of oil & gas burner manufacturers, focussing on quality and in-depth understanding of applicable standards. The company introduced advanced computer-based tools for both hardware and software engineering. The great majority of its products were shipped overseas. Many of its designs were based around HIMA, Honeywell FSC and Siemens S5 PLC’s, but relay-based systems were built until after the turn of the century.

Around 2005 Beldick Automation started providing engineering solutions for gas treatment processes (including Nitrogen generation and Glycol regeneration) in addition to the very successful Burner Management Systems. By now, Safety PLC’s had taken over the industry and man-machine interfaces had changed from pushbuttons to graphical screens.

With the transfer of ownership to Arnold Groot in 2011 follows continued focus on Burner Management Systems and an increased focus on process safeguarding systems

As of July 11, 2017, Beldick is acquired by PowerspeX B.V., Hengelo. Both companies complement each other, with Powerspex in particular offering more opportunities in the field of simulation, control technology, ATEX, and assembly and commissioning on location, and Beldick will continue to focus on designing oil control and safety systems. - a gas treatment process and fire management We continue under the name of Powerspex Beldick B.V. Our brand name remains the familiar Beldick, as you know us for years. The company now employs 6 staff

Today, Beldick provides a range of process safeguarding and process control solutions for (Petro-) Chemical, Oil & Gas and Power generation industries. Today’s designs are driven by Functional Safety requirements and are based around the leading Safety PLC’s available today: HIMA, Siemens, Honeywell SM, Allen Bradley and GE.