Your process may involve combustible gasses and liquids, high temperatures or high pressures. The importance of the protection of personnel and the environment is paramount… your plant must shut down safely in the event of a critical condition. Yet, you also want your plant to to run reliably and predictably at all times, with minimum maintenance effort.

The focus on both safety and availability of programmable systems is the key driver behind everything  we do at Beldick. It drives the concepts behind the functional logics, the selection of components and the choice of redundancy in components. It also drives the design of testing schedules, peer reviews and formal verification and validation steps. It is behind the strong focus on product quality and our extended warranty arrangements. In short, we breathe safety and reliability.

To testify the above we have been assessed and certified for ISO 9001 and Functional Safety Management according to IEC 61508 up to SIL3 level. Over the past twenty years we have provided Safeguarding solutions to a range of customers for applications ranging from burner management and boiler protection to gas treatment and glycol regeneration.