The majority of our systems, once they leave the premises, are not seen again by our engineers. We strive to build “plug and play” systems that perform exactly as expected of them. By applying a stringent Functional Safety Management process, by having an eye for detail, and by applying rigorous testing procedures we can maintain this approach with confidence.

There may however be situations when you wish to make changes to the system. Plant extensions or additions, new interfaces with third party systems or changing legislation are all good reasons why Beldick may be called upon to modify existing systems. Depending on the scope and complexity of these changes we manage the project as minor or as a major change. We can re-engineer the entire control or safeguarding system or simply focus on the change itself. Commercially, we can offer this work on the basis of a fixed price or on a tariff basis.

For systems that have been delivered to site and require support for maintenance or commissioning purposes, we can offer a choice of remote login and diagnostics, 24/7 telephone support or a site visit from one of our experienced engineers.