Choice of Hardware

At Beldick we pride ourselves in the use of various hardware platforms for the realization of your system. We are system integrator for HIMA, Honeywell and GE. We work a lot with Siemens systems and for larger Siemens-based projects we work closely together with a partner company, who is certified Siemens system integrator. We also regularly build systems based around Allen Bradley and Invensys Triconex hardware. For all these systems we maintain critical knowledge for engineering and for servicing purposes.

The hardware independence brings a number of advantages to our clients. First, it gives you choice. Whether you specify Siemens, HIMA Honeywell, or any other system we can build it. Second, it gives you the ability to compare. We are happy to provide multiple quotations for systems based around different hardware platforms and can point out the pro’s and cons of  each. Third, it allows you to focus on the functionality of the system and not on the hardware. Because we develop functional logics and sequential flowcharts in a hardware independent environment, we can discuss system behaviour, operability and maintainability without being constrained by particular hardware. We can even simulate system behaviour prior to programming on a particular platform.

The choice of hardware components, other than PLC's, is vast. Below we give an impression of the suppliers we use on a regular basis.