Panel Building

At Beldick we build all the panels associated with control and safeguarding projects ourselves. The advantages are clear: by keeping both engineering and construction under one roof, we have full control over product quality. Also, it allows us to be flexible in meeting your testing and delivery milestones because we have full control over the schedule. Lastly, any “last minute” scope changes can still be incorporated whilst abiding by stringent Functional Safety Management requirements for modifications.

The choice of components, panel lay-out and cable entry requirements are fully configurable. Your heating, ventilation and lighting requirements are incorporated into the design. Your choice of wiring colours, wire identification and terminal identification system can be applied, or alternatively, you may select the Beldick Automation standard, which is generally regarded as industry "best pratice".

Our panel building workshop is small yet fully equipped with all the required tools and testing facilities. We maintain a highly trained workforce, close links with local schools and colleges and are proud to be seen as a respected employer of vocational students.