The Functional Safety Management standards that we adhere to require us to implement extensive testing at various steps during construction and programming of the system. But that is not the only reason we perform these tests: we simply want to prove to ourselves that we checked everything we do 100%. Or, in fact, 300%! At Beldick Automation, every wire in every cabinet is tested three times:

  1. After installation of the wiring, a 100% test checks electrical continuity between the terminals,
  2. After power-up of the PLC, a signal is applied to all the inputs (1-5 VDC, 4-20 mA, volt-free contacts, etc) and observed in the PLC engineering software. Same for all the outputs, which are driven from the PLC engineering software and observed at the output terminals for the field cabling,
  3. After loading the application software, we simulate all inputs using switches, voltage/ current generators and simulation tools and observe system behaviour using lamps and voltage/ current meters. This tests system functionality including all hardware, firmware and software and provides the ultimate proof that the specification is implemented for the full 100%.

As a result of the extensive test programme, the eye for detail during construction and the provision of 100% as-built drawings, we manage to significantly reduce commissioning work on site. And that helps you save time and effort.